This installation was 100% Directional bore underground from the AT&T pole to the basement of this commercial building.  NO OPEN TRENCH.  An open trench installation would have shut down this banking drive through access area for several days.  This drive through experienced zero down time and was fully operation during the installation.

One small section of the sidewalk was removed at the building street level to gain access to the basement foundation where the conduit enters the building.  The technician did a nice job of pouring the new section of sidewalk.

No Open trench necessary

The conduit is installed under the parking lot and easements from the AT&T/Comcast POP at the street  to your building without having to trench open the asphalt and lay the conduit in an open trench.  Saves time and money.

DIrect underground boring and installation of conduit and fiber for AT&T/COmcast FIber Cable and your campus or building

Illinois Lic # 127.001722

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Pull box installed inside the building or server room for easy access pulling of fiber from the AT&T, Comcast or any service providers POP.